Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's Cookin'?

Today we are 13 weeks along!! 27 weeks to go...seems like forever, but I'm sure it will fly by. Robbie and I had another appointment today. We thought I was getting an ultrasound but no, no, no, apparently they only do a few of those (3-4 total). But, we did get to hear the heartbeat again!!! That little sucker was clocking in around the upper 130 beats per minute. And, we heard a loud WHOOSH. The doctor said it kicked!!! I can't wait until I'm holding that baby in my arms.....sigh.

So, what do y'all think it is? I think it's fun to speculate about it. Casey did the gold ring test on my belly and it came out to be a boy. Angela checked the Chinese lunar calendar for me and it came out boy. At our first ultrasound, the heartbeat was quite fast, which could mean a girl. At the last ultrasound, the heartbeat wasn't too fast anymore, sooo....?!?! Hmm... I can't wait to find out!! And we certainly will be finding out. There's NO WAY that we could wait. Not even so much for buying clothes or decorating the nursery, I just can't wait to KNOW and pick out a NAME!!! :)

Few randoms going on:

-I love being pregnant.
-I've totally decided to give the belly what it wants. There's no holding back.
-No matter how much I love being pregnant, or that we've seen our baby, or that we've heard its heartbeat twice, I never stop worrying. Worrying sucks.
-I feel like I have small little bump and I can't wait until it's huge!!! I don't like this in-between stage. People who don't know me probably just think I eat too much, haha!
-I've been craving carbs like crazy. Pizza! Pasta! Bread! Yumm!! And tostitos chips!
-I can't let myself get even the slighest bit of hungry or else I'm on my deathbed.
-No morning sickness yet. Ahhh! I can't believe I wrote that. I hope I don't jinx it...
-We think Laker knows I'm pregnant. He keeps laying IN MY LAP!! Or beside me with head on my belly. He's always been an affectionate dog, but has never fully cuddled IN MY LAP!! He's 50 lbs! Ha!
-I love reading pregnancy books!!!! I have 5 of them!! (Some were lent to me)
-Giving birth scares me to death. Holy cow. I refuse to even think about it until the date gets closer.

That's all for now... ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Belly Bump Pictures

7 weeks preggers.... pretty much looked like this before being pregnant.

8 weeks.... i look stuffed. but i took all of these pictures first thing in the morning before eating!

9 weeks....popped or bloated?! haha!

10 weeks.... a definite bump i'd say

11 weeks... impressive when looking back at 7 weeks!

12 weeks... 3 months down!

welcome to the 2nd trimester...I couldn't button my jeans today. hahahah!

13 weeks!!!! our baby is 3 inches long...about the length of a peach :)

A Miracle

January 25th was an amazing day. Robbie and I had our first ultrasound of baby Hudson. The doctor confirmed that the baby was 9 weeks and is due August 30th. When the baby popped up on the ultrasound screen and we could actually see the head, belly, hands, and feet, it was unlike anything we've ever experienced. Then, we heard the heartbeat!!! It was unreal- 174 bpm. Not only did we see the baby and hear the heartbeat, but the coolest part of all was we could actually see the heart of our baby pumping. Wow!

To Tell or Not to Tell...

The day we found out I was pregnant (Dec. 23) we kept the secret to ourselves. I was only 4 weeks into the pregnancy and we didn't know if we should tell people or not. That day/night we contemplated who to tell, if anyone. We decided it was too good of news not to tell our families and it would be an impossible secret to keep. I knew we'd see both families in the following days for Christmas festivities.

On Christmas Eve, I think I called my sister, Lindsey, first. She was absolutely ecstatic! Lindsey said just the other day she had told Dustin that all she wanted for Christmas was for me to have a baby! What a wish! Then, I called my parents. Robbie and I would be seeing them on Christmas Day, but we couldn't wait one more day! I asked them to get on speakerphone and apparently that's when my dad knew what I was going to tell them. I said I had some news. I was pregnant!! Both of my parents were very happy! My mom could not believe it. She said to take back any Christmas presents for her because this was the best gift she could ever get.

That same night we were planning to tell Robbie's parents in person because we knew we'd see them. Well, it never happened because we couldn't get them alone! We had a Hudson family function and didn't want to tell everyone just yet. So, Robbie and I just decided we'd tell his parents and sister, Meagan, on Christmas day when we went over there in the morning.

We got to Robert and Glenda's on the morning of Christmas and we had to tell them right away because it was pretty much written all over our faces. Robbie said, "Well-we have something to tell you guys..." At that moment Glenda got tears in her eyes and hugged me. We didn't even say the words, they all just knew!!! Haha!

Both of us wanted to tell all of our friends so bad, but we also wanted to be safe and wait a little while. Plus, we were headed on a cruise the following day, so there was no time to make phone calls. We went on our 5 day cruise to Key West and Cozumel, which was amazing! Our alcohol bill wasn't too bad either :) A few days after we returned is when we started to tell a few close friends about our news. There are going to be many aunties and uncles in this baby's life!!!!

On Feb. 5 we made it Facebook official. Laker announced the news to everyone because he is one proud big brother. I was 10 weeks (in my 3rd month) when we decided to tell EVERYONE. We just couldn't wait any longer! We kept that secret from soo many people for 6 loooong weeks. The secret is out and I love it!

Positive or Negative?!?!

Robbie was at work and I was on Christmas Break the morning of December 23rd. That day marked 2 days late of my period. What to do?! Take a pregnancy test, duh. I took the test....the kind that would make a plus sign if preggo. Well, after the dreaded 2 minutes, I looked at the test and I could see a very faint plus sign. It was so light, that I pulled out the instructions to get some advice. The instructions clearly said that if you can see both lines that make the plus sign, that it meant positive. No matter how faint the lines were. FOR REAL?!?! I was talking to myself saying, "oh my God is this real? is this true?!" I was in shock. So, I did what anyone would do... I drove to Walgreen's and bought another test! This time, I bought the kind that said "pregnant" or "not pregnant"! Ha! As soon as I got home, I took it. And it said PREGNANT!!! I started giggling, smiling, and crying at the same time!!

The rest of the day was pure torture because I wanted to tell Robbie FIRST and in person. I had to wait until he got home from work.

All day I was shaking, had an upset stomach, and was so excited to tell my hubby about our baby-to-be. It didn't even cross my mind to come up with any cute ways to tell Robbie, like I had always envisioned before. My brain was just totally focused on the fact that we were going to have a baby.

Finally Robbie got home. I could see him coming up the back sidewalk so I met him at the door. I opened it before he could and the first thing that popped in my head is what I said- "Are you ready?!" Robbie looked so confused and said- "Ready for what?!" I just kept repeating myself and he wasn't getting it so I showed him the positive test that I had behind my back. You should have seen his face. He dropped his things and had a huge smile from ear to ear! We hugged and laughed and I let him have his in shock moment for a little bit.