Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Closer...!

31 weeks

32 picture :(
33 weeks.... no picture :(
(baby brain in full effect because I completely forgot to take pictures those 2 weeks! ah!)

34 weeks

35 weeks... 5 more to go!

I thought with being off this summer I'd get better at blogging on here and write weekly... definitely didn't happen. Whoops!

Heartburn is still a pain in my rear end. Zantac extra strength has been a life saver! Occasionally it doesn't work, but for the most part it helps a lot. My belly feels huge and it aches at night. Sleeping is just non-existent. I feel bad for Robbie because my constant restlessness, getting up to pee, and changing positions keeps him up. I guess he has to prepare for our soon to be lack of sleep though too, right?!

What we've been up to.... I washed all of Norah's clothes, blankets, and bibs. I organized her cute little closet and dresser. Besides her room, I've also been organizing other rooms of the house... nesting?? Robbie put together the crib and finally~~ WE SET UP THE NURSERY!!!!!! I'm obsessed. My sis had planned to come this weekend for my last baby shower (given by Meagan :) so I waited to do the nursery so she could help us with where to put everything on the walls. I love, love, love what we did. Pics to come! I've also set up maternity pictures for tonight!! Hope the rain holds out. We've been talking to/interviewing potential baby sitters and pediatricians. Robbie and I have been busy! I'd like to get the pediatrician and baby sitter nailed down this week so maybe we can relax a little before Norah decides to enter the world. I'm up to weekly doctor appointments now, exciting! Last appointment the doctor said I was "measuring small" so I'm getting another ultrasound this Friday. She didn't sound concerned because she thought since Norah is head down now (YAY!) that the uterus and everything has just shifted down more. She thinks Norah will be a small baby, 6-7lbs? I'm fine with that! My blood pressure and weight gain is still good... 24 pounds total so far.