Thursday, February 9, 2012

To Tell or Not to Tell...

The day we found out I was pregnant (Dec. 23) we kept the secret to ourselves. I was only 4 weeks into the pregnancy and we didn't know if we should tell people or not. That day/night we contemplated who to tell, if anyone. We decided it was too good of news not to tell our families and it would be an impossible secret to keep. I knew we'd see both families in the following days for Christmas festivities.

On Christmas Eve, I think I called my sister, Lindsey, first. She was absolutely ecstatic! Lindsey said just the other day she had told Dustin that all she wanted for Christmas was for me to have a baby! What a wish! Then, I called my parents. Robbie and I would be seeing them on Christmas Day, but we couldn't wait one more day! I asked them to get on speakerphone and apparently that's when my dad knew what I was going to tell them. I said I had some news. I was pregnant!! Both of my parents were very happy! My mom could not believe it. She said to take back any Christmas presents for her because this was the best gift she could ever get.

That same night we were planning to tell Robbie's parents in person because we knew we'd see them. Well, it never happened because we couldn't get them alone! We had a Hudson family function and didn't want to tell everyone just yet. So, Robbie and I just decided we'd tell his parents and sister, Meagan, on Christmas day when we went over there in the morning.

We got to Robert and Glenda's on the morning of Christmas and we had to tell them right away because it was pretty much written all over our faces. Robbie said, "Well-we have something to tell you guys..." At that moment Glenda got tears in her eyes and hugged me. We didn't even say the words, they all just knew!!! Haha!

Both of us wanted to tell all of our friends so bad, but we also wanted to be safe and wait a little while. Plus, we were headed on a cruise the following day, so there was no time to make phone calls. We went on our 5 day cruise to Key West and Cozumel, which was amazing! Our alcohol bill wasn't too bad either :) A few days after we returned is when we started to tell a few close friends about our news. There are going to be many aunties and uncles in this baby's life!!!!

On Feb. 5 we made it Facebook official. Laker announced the news to everyone because he is one proud big brother. I was 10 weeks (in my 3rd month) when we decided to tell EVERYONE. We just couldn't wait any longer! We kept that secret from soo many people for 6 loooong weeks. The secret is out and I love it!