Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where is she?

When am I going to feel baby girl?? After seeing her move around inside my belly, Robbie just can't understand why I don't feel her. It's a bit tricky....there's the fluid, the uterus, plus fat and muscle layer!! "They" say you should start to feel between 16-22 I hope it's soon!!! She's constantly moving and I can't wait to feel that "flutter"!!!

17 weeks!

P.S. I still hate chicken. Robbie, do you realize we haven't had chicken for dinner in a month?!?! ....We've had to resort to pork, beef, turkey, and pasta. I'd be happy with having a baked potato for dinner, but I don't think that would fly with the hubby. ??

And the winner is.....

16 weeks pregnant!

A friend from work had told me about Prenatal Miracles. It's in Va Beach and she did an early 3D/4D ultrasound at to determine the sex of her baby at 16 weeks! Most doctor's offices wait until 19 or 20 weeks. When I heard of this, I immediately told Robbie and we booked an appointment for the day I became 16 weeks preggo (Wed. March 14). It was only $100! Yes, I say only because the thought of waiting 4 more weeks was so nerve wrecking and if we had the chance to find out early we would have paid anything!!!

The whole experience was insane and amazing! They took us into a huge room with sofas and baby music playing in the background. I layed on the bed and the ultrasound technician found baby right away. Within 30 second she knew it was a GIRL!! She showed us the underside of her bottom and legs....kinda like if she was sitting on top of a copier...and sure enough... it was definitely a girl!!!! She told us so quickly that I was like, "What! Are you sure?!" hahah...I was seriously convinced we were having a boy. My instinct was dead wrong... I hope that's the last and only time LOL! Anyway, we got to watch baby girl sleep, wiggle her legs and arms, cough, and smile for 15 minutes!!!! OMG it was unreal. Her heartbeat was 152 bpm. They gave us a copy of the DVD and a CD full of still images, plus a gift bag. I would definitely recommend Prenatal Miracles!!

So....the night before I baked 2 with blue batter and one with pink and covered both with chocolate icing. We had Robbie's parents, sister and fiance, MeMaw, Casey and Chris come over that night to reveal the gender! Everyone showed up in either blue or pink, depending on what they thought it would be. There was more blue! Ha! So, Glenda cut the cake and we all celebrated! Robbie and I showed them the DVD too. It was a great time :) MeMaw had bought girl and boy clothing so she went out to her car and wrapped the girl clothing and gave us a few VERY CUTE outfits. Robbie thinks we are all set now...hahaha!

That Sunday (March 18) Robbie and I had planned to go to Richmond to see my parents and sis. We were gonna go to the zoo, so that was our "excuse" to go home. The zoo ended up being closed though. Anyway, we showed up with a cake =) They were confused at first until they read the top of the cake and understood.

My mom cut the cake and we all stood around....

 priceless faces

my mom blew my dad's ear drums out, lol


Robbie and I are THRILLED!!!! We are just so excited that we KNOW and now we can decide on a name and decorate the nursery! baby girl!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pictures, Pants, & Chicken

My computer wasn't cooperating when I was trying to turn this top picture!
14 weeks down :)

15 weeks...what most people see (shirt down)

15 weeks ....what Robbie and I see! haha

About the pants.... On the first day of 13 weeks I was no longer able to button my pants! Isn't that a little early?! So for 2 weeks I've been using a hair tye (previous picture posted) but it's time to get the belly band! I went to get it this past weekend at Target with Ainsilie and Paige when they came to visit, but they didn't have my size. I'll try again though. When I get it and start to wear it, I'll post a picture for sure.

About the chicken.... our little baby doesn't like chicken anymore. Seriously?!?! That is really random. It started at 619 Cantina when I got the chicken tacos.... almost puked. The next night I made barbeque chicken.... couldn't eat it. Ugh. Chicken is like a staple dinner in our house and you can do so much with it. Guess I'll have to take a break from it for awhile because even the thought of it now is repulsive. Anyway, this is the first food that I really can't stand since being pregnant. I guess that's a blessing, right?!...and the fact that I haven't had any throwing up! Thank you, baby, for that one :)