Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hellooooo 3rd Trimester!

28 weeks

29 weeks
30 weeks

28 weeks: I had my glucose screening test and a 3D ultrasound! My glucose test came back normal...yippee! The 3D ultrasound was great- we loooove getting to see Norah. She was folded in half! Crazy! Like her feet were up by her head hahah! So her hands and feet were basically covering her face so we couldn't see much of her. We got to see her face a little bit and she looks more like a baby instead of an alien now ;) We got a picture of her profile and she's got a cute little nose, lips, and chubby cheeks. We love her so much already!!

The third trimester came in with a bang!!! omg!!! I instantly became more tired and feel helpless at times because I can't do much without getting out of breath now. I'm very slow and it's frustrating at times. My legs, feet, and hips are extremely achy and it feels like I'm constantly working out. My pelvic area (bikini line) started hurting, so I did stretches to help it out. It sort of worked. That lasted a few days. We had our 2nd of 4 childbirth classes! Norah is kicking more and more... love it.

29 weeks: Pretty much every other day my feet and ankles are swollen. Disgusting. Sometimes my fingers swell up too and I can't get my rings off! Norah went to her first Dave Matthews Band concert...woohoo! She kicked almost the whole time!

30 weeks: This wasn't the best week. Although it's exciting to be 30 weeks (10 weeks to go!!), it's been difficult. I feel huge and uncomfortable most of the time... I'm soo slow... I'm tired all the time... I can't sleep!!! My belly hurts when I sleep on the side, even with a pillow underneath. Sometimes I can get it just right and be fine, but other nights it's pretty bad... I have to pee 7137462923 times a day... I can't stand for very long... worst of all, I developed heartburn/acid reflux/indigestion. OH MY GOSH. How do people deal with this all the time?? It started one night while I was sleeping- it woke me up. I was drenched in sweat and my chest and throat were on fire. I ran to the bathroom and puked!!! Eww!! After that night, it hasn't really subsided. I've been trying Tums for now and I'm thinking I might need something stronger because it's not doing the trick. I've had to limit my chocolate :( and pizza, well anything with tomatoes, and vinegary things. Kinda sucks. I don't wanna complain because I didn't get morning sickness and I've had it pretty easy so far, but this heartburn


  1. Not too much longer!!! looking good mama!

  2. Beautiful belly!!!!! Heartburn sucks!! I only had it like once with each child and I don't think I could have lasted through any other times. I'm sorry! :( But usually it means she will have a head full of hair!!!!