Tuesday, May 1, 2012

21 & 22 weeks

21 weeks!! 5th month of pregnancy :)

22 weeks!! see that vein on the side of my stomach?! weird!

So, still just truckin' along waiting to feel Norah.... not happening. It's pretty worrisome considering most people (pretty much everyone under the sun) have felt their baby by now!! Tomorrow I'm 23 weeks and still nothing. I hope she's just safe and sound in there :) Everything is going smoothly though!! I get back pain sometimes, usually when doing dishes or laundry, and just this past week my feet have been KILLING me!! Robbie has been a good hubby and has been giving me foot massages....my fav! No swollen ankles yet, yay! I've gotten lots of spider veins....ahhh (they are like the purplish ones that look like branches on a tree) they're on my legs and a few just popped up on the sides of my stomach. Google says they should disappear after birth.... don't know how that will magically happen but we'll see. No stretch marks yet. Cross your fingers!!

We registered at Babies 'R Us!! It was definitely exciting and fun!! The people there were so helpful and we had a great time going down every single aisle!

                 The highlights for me: 1) We were trying to decide on a crib mattress and Robbie says to me, "We are not getting the cheapest mattress they have!! This is our baby and she needs a nice mattress to sleep on! Geez!" and 2) We were picking out bath towels for Norah and Robbie sees a pink hooded towel that says PRINCESS on it with a princess crown and he says, "Oh! Oh! We are definitely getting that one! Give me the scanner! She is my princess!" :) how sweet


  1. You look awesome and I just cried reading this post!! You guys are going to be such great parents :) Love yall!

  2. AWWWW!! Pregnancy definitely looks amazing on you!! Norah will definitely have daddy wrapped around her finger. I bet she's moving around like crazy when you're sleeping. This can also be a good sign. Kiley was crazy in utero and now she's crazy out of womb. Christopher was the opposite... So maybe Norah will be a laid back little girl!

    Just remember to get a firm crib mattress, not a soft one. ;) I also got a cover which has been great, so you can wash it when their diaper leaks or they spit up!

  3. I didn't feel Lucy until 25 weeks. I had what I thought was gas (pleasant, I know) but turns out, it was her! :) Don't worry, Baby Norah will surprise you soon!