Friday, April 13, 2012

18, 19, and 20 weeks

18 weeks! The belly band is pretty cool, but sometimes it's annoying because it rides up. Other than that, it has been a life saver.

19 weeks!

20 weeks! Whew... no wonder my back hurts today, that is a bump! HALFWAY THERE!!

So, let's play catch up....

I pretty much have to eat every 2 hours still. I don't NEED orange juice first thing in the morning anymore, so I cut that out because of the amount of sugar. I got on a caesar salad kick for the past couple of weeks...yum! Still no chicken...until 20 weeks! Hoorah! I had it for the first time again in buffalo chicken dip, so it was shredded. I was good to go! Then, just yesterday I stopped at Wendy's for lunch. I didn't know what to get and as soon as I read the menu, Spicy Chicken Nuggets popped out to me, so I ordered it! I was a bit scared, but I didn't cringe when I ate it!.... I'm going to wait on eating a full chicken breast, so for now just baby steps, hahah!

I still love reading baby books and googling/researching everything baby. Robbie started reading a little bit, but he's got a lot more to read! I've been consumed with thinking about baby girl's nursery and we've decided on keeping the walls blue. We are both such blue people so she will be one too!! Her room colors will be blue, yellow, pink, and some green. I've been researching what to register for..... and it's nuts!! There's sooo much you need for a baby. I mean, I knew that...but I didn't really know! Paige came to visit and we went to Babies R Us just to get a feel for things... it was fun and I really appreciate her help! Last night, Robbie and I sat down and sketched the layout of her nursery. This is the fun part!

Most importantly, we decided on a name!!!!! It wasn't easy picking a final name. Trust me. It took 3 weeks to decide. That doesn't sound like a long time, but when I was thinking about it every second of every day for 3 long weeks, it was a long time.

Baby girl's name is....

I've always loved the name Mae and planned to use it for a middle name if I had a girl. Then, I found out that it was my Great Grandmother's middle name. Totally meant to be! I've liked the name Norah for a few years now because it's old fashioned, not popular, and pretty. Robbie decided he liked that's her name! Norah Mae Hudson, we love you and can't wait to meet you!!!


  1. Such a pretty name! I can't even think about registering yet. Just the thought of it overwhelms me!

  2. Glad you can eat chicken again! Your bump is looking good!! Can't wait to meet Miss Norah! :) Half way there!!!!


    P.S. I love your 20 week bump!!! This is the BEST part!! :)