Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pictures, Pants, & Chicken

My computer wasn't cooperating when I was trying to turn this top picture!
14 weeks down :)

15 weeks...what most people see (shirt down)

15 weeks ....what Robbie and I see! haha

About the pants.... On the first day of 13 weeks I was no longer able to button my pants! Isn't that a little early?! So for 2 weeks I've been using a hair tye (previous picture posted) but it's time to get the belly band! I went to get it this past weekend at Target with Ainsilie and Paige when they came to visit, but they didn't have my size. I'll try again though. When I get it and start to wear it, I'll post a picture for sure.

About the chicken.... our little baby doesn't like chicken anymore. Seriously?!?! That is really random. It started at 619 Cantina when I got the chicken tacos.... almost puked. The next night I made barbeque chicken.... couldn't eat it. Ugh. Chicken is like a staple dinner in our house and you can do so much with it. Guess I'll have to take a break from it for awhile because even the thought of it now is repulsive. Anyway, this is the first food that I really can't stand since being pregnant. I guess that's a blessing, right?!...and the fact that I haven't had any throwing up! Thank you, baby, for that one :)


  1. so I had a horrible bout with chicken when I was pregnant, too!!! I ate steak and red meat for so long Mark started complaining about the bank account ;) also, the belly band is amazing - I wore it through my 6th month and finally had to bite the bullet and buy maternity. I started growing out of my pants at 12/13 weeks, too. :) Congrats!!!

  2. I'd take not eating chicken over sickness any day too :) You better get that Belly Band quick!! I miss you guys!

  3. You are so cute!! I am so happy you have not been sick! I'd take not eating chicken over throwing up, too! I threw up almost every day (sometimes several times a day) for TWENTY-SIX weeks with Isabella! (even with medicine!)

    You are such a beautiful preggo!!! I love you!!! Post more pics! :)